Monday, July 11, 2011

Ok, an actual craft project.

    Alright, so I finally put everything else aside and am making a 'Piratey Princess' version of <a href="">this dress</a>, featured on <a href="">this wonderful blog!</a> I'm taking as many photos of the process as I remember to ^_^
This is the bodice of the dress, cut from a red jersey pillow case.

On the left are 4-inch white and black strips cut from soft cotton t-shirts for the ruffles. On the right, tattered-cut strips for the empire waist-band.

This is the remaining portion of the pillow case, pinned to the scrap-flannel I'm using to attach the ruffles to, for the bustle. (I pinned it for accurate sizing).

Finished ruffles.

Ruffles sewn to backing. I staggered them to make them look a little less polished, considering it's a pirate dress.

I cut the back skirting to lay over the ruffles and pinned the top. I didn't hem the fabric because I want to leave the edges raw and am going to sew a black edging on the inner edges of the skirting.

I ruffled the top of the skirt front, and attached it to the bodice. I left the top edge of the skirt raw, to go with the un-polished look I'm trying to achieve.

Skirt finished, with edging on the sides.

Neck edging sewn on!

Sleeve sewn on.
Body detail, showing off the beautiful low-scoop neckline and tiny skull patch on her sleeve.

Back detail, with long bow, back patch and sleeve patch.
Sitting on the stairs. I wish I would have placed the flower further towards the middle.

Posing! I love how the bustle works so well.
Side view, though I forgot to rotate the photo first!

Touching her flower ^_^             

Bodice shot! She loves her new dress ^_^

Showing off!

The only thing I have left to do is sew the patches on. They're pinned right now, and I probably won't be able to get them sewn on until after Cori is asleep. She's so excited about her new dress, and it thrills me deeply to know she adores it!

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