Saturday, March 24, 2012

Boy, has it been a tough and busy month!

I want to start this post off by sharing something very important to me, that I need to make a point in sharing with others: I fiercely love God. I realize that I've never made it a point to share that openly with anyone except those I know who also do. And since it's an area my fiance has trouble with beyond his belief in God, I have moments where I share my views and beliefs, and my personal experience with God. In this, I've taken to reading other Christian Housewife blogs. I may not agree entirely with everything these women believe, but I want to make my life a living example of God's love and grace, and encourage others to do the same. I want to be a true help meet to my future husband, and to encourage and support his growth in all areas of his life, especially spiritually. We are an unconventional family in many areas, but I want to plant the seeds of faith, personal growth, tradition, humility, community, and most of all...LOVE!

So, this past month...I had no luck with my family doctor, so I asked to switch to another doctor. I started the process, and my the Kulpmont office faxed my records to who was supposed to be my new doctor. Well, for whatever reason, the records were entirely out of order, and the first page was from August!? Why!? Well, it was a bad part of my medical life, before I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis and was in and out of ERs constantly. I was given Morphine during these visits, and during one of them, I was given a script for 5mg oxycodone. Based on this, I was written off as a drug-seeker (mind you...I haven't been prescribed any narcotic-type medications since August.) And now have no provider. I have no way of getting scripts, as my former doctor's office changed my provider on file immediately upon my requesting to transfer. They claim insist it's his job to write my scripts, despite my informing them of the problem. I have a patient advocate, and a nurse case manager now, through Geisinger and Access Plus respectively. My case manager can't do anything until I get a doctor, and is completely unhelpful in finding me a doctor outside of the Geisinger...and my advocate won't admit to any wrongdoing on Geisinger's part. I have been told to go to the ER any time I have any issues, ignored when I've asked for blood tests, and been denied scripts for my medication with no actual reason. I've had enough. I'm getting nowhere. Joey's also realized that his lack of luck in getting a job in NC so far is due to not being down there to interview, so we're speeding up the original moving plan by a month. We're packing up now and getting ready to move now, though he's planning to stay back for a little while so we have some sort of income to get set up with.
Gastroparesis isn't too bad, other than the bloating aspect. It's there, I have pain and fullness and other issues, but they're more IBS-like other than the bloating. It's just tolerable right now. What isn't tolerable is the pain. Last week I went to the ER with the worst head-pain and pressure of my life, and they ran a TSH (though I requested a complete thyroid panel...) and compared to a TSH and T4 from November, the TSH is lower now, and the T4 was low then. I'm suspecting there may be a pituitary involvement, and upon questioning my family, there's a family history of pituitary problems. So I need to make sure to note this for my future endocrinologist.

I'm excited, I'm tired, I'm hopeful and I have a plan. This is good.
In part of my studying what other home-makers and mothers are doing, I've set up a family home management binder with some good information in it. I have a better way of grocery shopping and organizing my housekeeping, and I'm really happy about it.

This is all I have for now. Joey and I are doing super well, we're learning to communicate better, and I am so grateful to have him in my life. He is truly the best partner I could ask for.