Thursday, December 1, 2011

There's something wrong with my thyroid, and no one believes me.

I've been talking with my older cousin, who is quickly becoming a mother to me. She is a thyroid cancer survivor and has Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. And she is the only person who really understands what I'm going through. I am also lucky to have a supportive, loving, wonderful boyfriend. My issues scare the crap out of him, but he's strong and is enduring along with me.

Over the last month and a half at least, my throat has been bothering me a lot. No, I don't have a 'sore throat'. It feels like something is garroting my throat and before they gave me prednisone in the ER last night, I couldn't swallow food and was choking on my own saliva and was fearful of not being able to breathe.

After a throat Xray, a shot of ativan and a shot of prednisone, I was sent home. Diagnosis? 'choking episode'

My GI docs seem to care well, though they can't do much about my thyroid. But they sent me for an upper GI study yesterday morning and an upper endoscopy on monday. And I managed to get in with the Endo doc I saw once a few months ago, an appt tomorrow. So maybe he will listen?

Here's to hoping.

In craft news, I crocheted Joey a hat and still need to finish his scarf. But he doesn't wear his hat, so....

I am making Cori this though:

Or at least I want to do these things. We'll see what gets done.