Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Crochet 'Flapper Hat'

I'm currently working on a flapper-style hat for Cori, to help keep the sun off her head and face. She has finally decided that she likes hats, so I'm making a lovely open-weave hat to keep her cool. The pattern is free on <a href="">LionBrand's website</a>, you just have to register to access they're awesome, free patterns.

<a href="">Here's the pattern for the hat I'm making.</a>

This is the hat I'm making!

Cori has a large head, and I was afraid that a child's hat wouldn't fit. She has a much better chance of fitting into an adult small ^_^. I'll take a photo of the finished product for you guys!

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  1. love it! want it! do you sell any of your work?