Thursday, June 30, 2011

Not exactly creative, but still worth sharing.

Lately, not a lot in the way of creating has been happening at home, (other than food. I made a fantastic stir-fry today, courtesy of decently-priced produce.) because it would seem that I'm in a period of growth. It's funny how we tend to grow best, with adversity as our compost. I've learned about my personality (Myers-Briggs ENFJ) and have fallen in with an incredible group of INFPs. God-willing, I will be finishing my nursing degree, starting next spring. This means a lot of change is on the horizon!             

  Joey is almost halfway through his counseling. I'm proud of his progress, and I look forward to seeing what this means for him, and for us. There's a lot that I'm not sure of right now. But I am sure that God is with me, and that I have a great daughter and a hopeful future ahead of me.

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