Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ok. So I have sucked at blogging about this so far.

But, I'm learning that it is truly hard to really get organized so you can integrate the complexities of internal and external adversity in life. So what I've begun to do is print out these sheets:
IBS and Constipation Symptom Tracker
*Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire
*Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire Score Sheet

I have begun organizing my medical info into a binder. I will keep these weekly evals in the binder to take to my appointments so I can show my docs what's going on. I requested that I have my thyroid tested due to my family history of thyroid issues. If I do and can get it treated, it should reduce the impact of everything else. I also took all of my lab results off of my providers web resource and compiled them into an excel document. I keep it updated on the spreadsheet and can print it off before appointments, to reference when discussing my issues.

In creative news, I'm still working on Joey's scarf, as my hands allow. I am currently taking a break to make him this hat. The colour he chose is oklahoma city green though. It's an easy single crochet and the yarn is a real pleasure to work with. It's wonderfully soft but doesn't work up too chunky. I'll try to remember to add pics as soon as I'm done!

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