Thursday, August 18, 2011

Please Excuse my Absence!

I've still been crafting! I just lost the card for my camera, so I can't upload the photos :( And to boot, I've been in the hospital and otherwise ill lately. However, since my last craft post, I altered the pattern of the hat I made for Cori, at her request for a 'Witch Hat'. So it's a springy-green witch hat with a pale blue, star-print ribbon  hat-band, and a crocheted flower with button center for accent. I'll post pics soon!

I also made two flowers for an awesome friend, and I hope she likes them! I loved making them. I got the pattern for the flower on Cori's hat, and the two I made for my friend Jess from here

 I hope to find the card soon, so I can continue posting photos of my craft adventures!

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